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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #42!

Woah this is going fast! 42!!!!! Crazy! Well today I really wanted to use my MAC cranberry! But know I have used it a couple of times before with brown and gold, so I looked at my eyeshadow palettes and thought what about blue!? So heres todays look.

I applied a metallic blue shade from my MUA Poptastic palette all over my lid, next I applied cranberry to the edge of my lid and blended. I then applied the blue mixed with cranberry on my lower lash line. Lastly I applied a highlighter for below my eyebrow, filled my brows in and applied gel liner and mascara to complete the look.

This combination work?

A xx


  1. Yes it does work!!! I would never put blue and cranberry together, well I wouldn't of before now, it looks amazing xx

    1. I never wouldve thought either but tried and love it :) glad you do too :) xxx


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