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Sunday 7 October 2012

Fashion and Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone! So today I thought I would do a post on some items I have picked up over the last month or so.

I had a day out with my parents, it was such a lovely day! We decided to pop to a nearby city and indulged in some shopping! TKMAXX and Matalan to be precise! Now I havent been to TKMAXX for a very long time and was so delighted when i discovered some amazing beauty finds!!

I have heard so many bloggers talk about NYX and Elf, but never tried these or seen them on the highstreet, I understand they are American (hope I am right on that one!). To my delight I found these two stunning palettes! What bargains! I literally nearly squealed and wanted to tweet all you bloggers to come over!

So firstly I bought this Elf palette, it has 32 eyeshadows, 6 lip colours, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 face shimmer, 1 eyebrow powder and 1 eyebrow cream! Boy oh boy am I going to hae fun with this!! And the price....drumroll please.....£4.99!! So happy with this! I hope they are as good as I have heard!

The NYX palette caught my eye due to the oh so glamourous packaging! Haute Jersey Leopard Culture is the name! I opened the case and to my delight found 24 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses, 4 bronzers and 2 blushers! I love the look of this palette! And the price....£12.99! Cant wait to try this!

Next was Matalan! I actually liked quite a few items here! I usually dont as our local one is rubbish! But this store is fab! Couldve bought loads but was sensible and bought only two items!

A nude/peach shirt with a pleated drop down hem, an item that looked expensive and fabulous on! Team with jeans and heels with some fabulous earrings! Eek love it!! It was £18!

A black and white jumper with a longer back. So warm and comfy! I love the detail of the bright pink zip going all the way down the back of the jumper! £28!

Finally a couple of MAC treats! Marilyn Monroe has now got her own makeup range with MAC! I love when they feature amazing icons! Especially a stunner like Marilyn! So I pondered for ages on what to get and ordered an eyeshadow called Showgirl, a grey shadow, see swatch. Next I ordered a fabulous lipstick called Charmed Im Sure! A deep red that would vamp up any look! See swatch.
Hope you enjoyed this haul I know I enjoyed getting these treats!

A xx




  1. Such a nice haul!
    Can't wait to check out the Marilyn MAC range! :)

  2. Ahh stunning pieces you got there! Especially the palettes, are you going to review these? I'd be curious :) xx

    1. Sure will hun :) hope you are well :) xxx

  3. Nice haul! Love the clothing pieces and the makeup! Can't wait to see what looks you create with the makeup :)


    1. Thanks stunning lady!! Will definately be using them in my fifty shades posts xx

  4. Pretty nice collection, specially the black and white jumper with long back, the peach shirt is also beautiful and the prices are reasonable.

    1. They are, Matalan can have such great pieces! Xxx

  5. The Elf palette is an amazing price! That matalan shirt looks much more expensive than it actually is. You got some good bargains x

  6. Honestly I love TK MAXX for beauty products!!! totally great bargains and exciting different brands 2 b found xx


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