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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #31! And OOTD

Hello gorgeous people! So its tuesday and oh no its cold :( dont like the cold! I am a summer lovin kinda gal!!! Today was a day with my parents and a trip to ikea was the plan-haul to follow! I also have done an OOTD with this so its 2 in 1!


I used my ELF palette! So far am impressed with this pigmentation! Will review this shortly. I used a sparkly pinky peach all over my lids, a shade of brown that has a burgendy hint for my crease and another shade of brown for my edge. I also used the pink and edge brown for my lower lash line. A higlighter for below my eyebrow, gel liner and lashings of mascara completed the look! To go with this i wore my MAC lipstick in Rebel!

OOTD- I wore my river island pencil
Skirt £20! these have been my staple items since labour! Pencil skirts all the way! I teamed this with a tesco black vest that I got for £1!! My river island leopard print trim wedges £35, with topshop burgundy lace trim socks £3. I also wore my leather jacket to rock it up!

Hope you like this look loveys!!!

A xx


  1. I never tried ELF eyeshadows, I'm surprised how pigmented it is. Love the look!


    1. They are really good and it lasted on my lids! A xx

  2. Your eyes look amazing, as does the rest of you :-) xo

    1. Ah thanks Emma!! Thats really kind of you! I need to get a camera and tripod for OOTD photos!xx

  3. I love your make up and outfit here, and shoes!!! amazing :) thanks for sending link to your blog last night via #bbloggerschat :D

    1. Ah thanks Ania! So kind of you! Nice to meet you :) xx

  4. Again, your eyes look amazing! :)
    And so do you! Love the outfit & wedges!!


    1. :) wedges are comfy too!!! But not for a whole day! Xx


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