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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #41!

Todays look is inspired by spiderman! Dont think its the best I could have done as didnt have a thin enough brush for the spiderweb! But there we go! So I used my MUA blue shade as a base and the darker shade in my crease. I then applied a red from my Accessorize palette for below my eyebrow. I drew lines to resemble a spiderweb using my gel liner, also defining my lower lash line. Lashings of mascara and gel liner to fill in my brow complete the look.

A xx


  1. This one looks so awesome! Great job hun!
    X Deja
    Deja Zu

    1. Ah thankyou :) dont feel im anywhere near as good you all xxxx


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