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Friday 7 March 2014

Vintage Interior Inspiration! Pretty Pastels

Hello Loveys,
Here is a post of inspiration, I love trawling through Google for inspiration, from pretty fabrics to cute ideas it all inspires me so here are a few pictures taken from Google of what has inspired me this week.
How pretty are these jars filled with a drink, tied with pretty ribbon and a wedge of lemon, definitely want to do this in summer!

I wish I could organise my desk area like this, the clash of prints with the simple white lines inspire me to change my living room!

I adore the mixture of pastels and bright shades, the pretty teapots and cutlery with a hint of nature by the addition of the pink flowers makes me think of spring!

I adore seeing vintage pieces like this beautiful door adorned in tatty vintage wallpaper, I think its stunning and would love to buy a house with a room or rooms where the tattered wallpaper has been kept on the walls!

I love vintage tins, especially pretty ones which I struggle to get hold of, so this trio of floral ones are adorable!

I think the colours within this picture attracted my eye towards it! That rose is stunning, mixed with white and vintage books makes it seem dreamy!
Which is your favourite picture?
A x


  1. Just the post I have been looking for! I am moving next month and want everything to look homely and pretty- this has given me lots of inspiration xxxx


    1. Ahh do a post on your new place that would be fab :) xxx

  2. Love the pastels and desk area!
    I hope my desk as neat as that :(

    1. I would love to recreate all these looks, reality doesn't seem to let me though :S xxx


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