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Saturday 8 March 2014

Review: Easilocks Rose Gold Oil

Hi Loveys!
*The oil that Lucy Meck uses, Easilocks Rose Gold Oil, this oil can be used on hair extensions and natural hair, it states it "unlocks the secret to beautiful hair" its a silky oil that goes on smoothly, it isn't sticky and sinks into the hair easily. I was worried it would be greasy for my hair, but it wasn't, it added such a lovely shine and felt it helped me curl my hair with ease, my hair felt silky and I AM IN LOVE!!!

Lucy meck, TOWIE, Easilocks, rose gold, Rose gold oil, coconut oil, taylor swift, hair, oil, review,

Lucy meck, TOWIE, Easilocks, rose gold, Rose gold oil, coconut oil, taylor swift, hair, oil, review,

The scent of this product reminds me of marshmallows and sweets, just like the Taylor Swift perfume! I love it, I wish they did a candle in this scent so I didn't have to keep swishing my hair around my face to smell it!
The oil contains 
Rose Oil
Carrot Oil
 Chamomile Oil
 Coconut Oil
 Linseed Oil
 Soybean Oil
 Argan Oil
 Tahitensis flower extract
Wow what a combination of oils for your hair! These oils will nourish and help repair your hair, which I feel is true, as my hair feels so silky without looking greasy, it has reduced the appearance of split ends and makes my hair appear glossy!

Have you tried this?

A xx
Click here to buy the oil.


  1. Oooh the smell is enough to persuade and entice me, it sounds lovely!!! xxx


    1. It's divine!! I could have this scent in a perfume! Xxx

  2. everytime I see an easilocks transformation i'm so jealous and want them so bad but I cannot afford that much for extensions!! This could be a good way to get a little bit of the easilocks glamour into my normal hair! x


    1. It would def give you the shine you need :) I would love to try the easilocks too :( xxx

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