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Monday 3 March 2014

Review: Cheap Skincare! Lacura skincare

Hi Loveys!
*So here is a review I am excited to write, a review that screams cheap but blimin cheerful! This skincare range is available in Aldi, a supermarket in the UK which also has stores in Europe.

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Clear Effect Daily 3 in 1 Cleanser, Exfoliator and Face mask
This gentle everyday use cleanser is now a firm favourite in my skincare collection, its handy 3 in 1 use means no fussing over products and the fact that it is £2.99 means it is a must have!! When I first used the cleanser I fell in love instantly with the fresh yet floral scent, it has a creamy white formula with tiny little blue balls that act as the exfoliator. I now use this cleanser everyday after the removal of my eye makeup, it is so gentle that it acts as a cleanser and exfoliator in one. The face mask is a gentle mask that adds a glow to the skin, it balances the skins natural oils and I felt it was gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week. This product contains Magnolia and BioEcolia which helps "protect and strengthen the natural and biological defence system of the skin, helping to create a more even and radiant complexion. I would agree that it gives a radiant complexion, I love the fact it helps protect and strengthen the skin as this would help with anti-ageing, and as I am nearly 29 I can start to see the signs of ageing- literally could sob after writing that sentence! I would highly recommend this product.
Aldi, Skincare, Review, Cleanser, Moisturiser, Cheap, Bargain, Spotty skin, Oily, Magnolia, BioEcolia, Pretty, Skin, Face mask, Gel wash, Exfoliator
Clear Effect Daily Gel Wash
This gentle gel wash is a blue non sticky gel that you apply to the skin then circulate around the skin and wash off. I tend to steer away from gel washes as have found them sticky in the past but this formula is creamy and moisturising, I was shocked at how well it cleaned my skin, I applied this and as I was rinsing my skin I could see the foundation and dirt swirl around my skin, gross I know! It states it "thoroughly removes impurities and makeup to reduce shine and greasiness", this sentence is how I would describe it! My skin has gone in oil overdrive lately so this range has been helping to control this. This product also contains BioEcolia and Magnolia, it has the same fresh yet floral scent as the 3 in 1 cleanser. £2.99.

Clear Effect Mattifying Moisturiser, Clear Effect Soothing Night Cream and Tinted Moisturiser
I thought I would add these all in the same section as they similar products. All three creams are moisturising and light, the night cream is slightly thicker but not too heavy which I like. The day cream has Magnolia and BioEcolia meaning it protects the skin and creates "immediate mattifying effect with 24 hour moisture" I would agree you do instantly get a matte skin appearance,but I am not sure that it moisturises for 24 hour, for me, as felt that by the evening my skin was ready for my makeup removed and for some night cream to be applied. The night cream contains active ingredients of balloon plant echium and sunflower oil to "sooth stressed out skin and promote suppleness overnight". I would agree, this cream didn't send my skin into oil overdrive that some can do and it calmed my skin, making it feel soft and moisturised! The tinted moisturiser again isn't too thick, its a subtle tint that adds a lovely glow to the skin, it isn't greasy and lasted quite long, it isn't something I would purchase as such as I am one to want to full coverage, but if you are looking for a tinted moisturiser that will give a light coverage and will make your skin feel super soft then this is for you! Each cream is again £2.99 an absolute bargain!!

Have you tried this range or anything else from the Lacura range?
A xx


  1. I haven't tried anything yet! but I know a few people who use it and like it :)

    great post hun

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    1. Thanks Hun :) it's a staple in my routine now xxx

  2. I also use this amazing Lacura moisturizer, that is great for adult blemishes.
    I`m 37 and still have the occasional spots.:(

  3. I've thought about picking some of this up to leave at my partners or to take away and have as emergency but was a bit unsure if it would be bad on my skin. Definitely going to pick them up to try now.
    God I love Aldi!

    Great post!
    Maisie xx

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