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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Where have I been?

Its been a while since I blogged or vlogged so here is where I have been.
As some of you may have known I was pregnant, I had a hard time with SPD and was on crutches, got signed off work and went about slowly preparing for baby. At my 36 week check the midwife said baby was transverse, meaning baby was lying across, I was not told what that meant for me or baby so carried on as usual and was told to come back in six days for a scan. Six days passed and I went for the scan, but the sonographer couldn't work the new system, I was pretty annoyed as it was 9pm and was getting fed up!
The next day I had to chase the midwives to see when I could have my scan at the bigger hospital that was further away, they eventually got back to me and I went to that hospital later that day. I had a scan and yes it was confirmed baby was transverse. I waited for a consultant who said it all to the point, the sentences were "you are now staying in hospital till the baby comes", "if your waters break and you are not within 5-10 minutes of theatre your baby could die!" and "a transverse labour coming in is the one call we don't want to get" so that was it basically, I cried obviously, and from that day stayed in hospital for 10 days, I have a 3 year old and hated the thought of being away from him as never have been!
The hospital stay dragged and dragged, I was told different things daily such as the babies position and what the plan was, I even had a c section booked within my 38th week but then they decided after I had all the prep for it that it wouldn't happen as they booked me in too early.
From day one they all felt babies position each day, twice a day and from day 7 felt the baby had become head down but not engaged, baby was now thought to be oblique, head down but at an angle. I was still not out of the red zone!
On the 10th day (I feel like I'm writing a passage in the bible about how the world began!) I had a consultant come to say they were going to look at a plan, so the plan was to go home if babies head was above pelvis ready to engage, or try a controlled induction. A controlled induction is where your waters are broken, whilst this happens a midwife turns babies head to engage and you are induced. I was happy for that plan. I went down for a scan so the consultant could see exactly where the head was.......but no it was not the head in fact it was the bottom! So all these days every midwife got it wrong, I know we are all human and mistakes happen. The consultant said I had different options now, either go home and wait for waters to break then go into natural breech labour or book me for a c section next week. I said I am tiny and could not imagine being able to have a safe natural deliver with a breech baby as the risks were 50/50 for an emergency c section so an elective one was decided. I was allowed to go home, so this was Saturday afternoon, and was to return Monday morning for more checks and see when I could a c section. I asked the consultant whether baby would be able to move back to transverse, she said no as there was no room for baby to do that.
I went home and stayed at my parents as my husband was on nights so safer for me and my boy to be with them. I had a lovely relaxing Sunday, my husband came over as was allowed Sunday night off so we all had a great feast in the garden and it was amazing to see my little boy.
Monday 5am....I woke and my waters had gone, I panicked and could feel baby across, I rang 999, my husband came, the ambulance crew were very relaxed as they did not realise how serious it was until after they rang midwives! I was blue lighted to the hospital, my worse nightmare was happening, I was sure baby wouldn't survive as it was now around an hour since I realised my waters had gone. I was taken straight to labour ward, I had midwife after midwife coming in to assess me and sort me out for c section, it was not nice as had so much going on and one midwife trying to find baby heartbeat, then suddenly a consultant said "I think we need to go now" and I was off.
In the theatre I was given a brief of who was who, I was given my spinal, though four attempts as they struggled with how small my spine was which was painful. The spinal is a strange sensation where the body from chest down goes warm and numb. During all this a midwife was still struggling to get the babies heartbeat. During the procedure I had episodes where my blood pressure dropped too much and I would struggle to breath, I felt like I had to get out of my own skin.
Baby arrived! Hurray!! All was fine, thank God! I honestly felt it was worth every part to have my little baby safe and well. The staff were amazing during the whole process.
Post c section is hard, not going to lie, but you get there and need extra support. I still have issues now nearly 7 weeks on but other women are fine after about 6.
Baby was born 7th September. Gender will be revealed on my Youtube channel! So check it out.
If you want to ask any questions about c section, SPD or post baby you are more then welcome to, you can email me or comment below.
A xx


  1. Congratulations! My heart was in my mouth whilst I read this post, so I'm glad that everything worked out in the end, I can't wait to see your gender reveal video! x

    Violence & Fashion

  2. Congratulations, not as you would of wanted your delivery but thank goodness you have your healthy baby. X


  3. I'm so glad you are both ok and well. What you went through sounds so scary, you're so brave! Congratulations on your little one!! xxxx


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