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Sunday 16 August 2015

Review: Creightons VPro Volume Pro Shampoo and Conditioner

 We all want that glossy bouncy hair and finding products to achieve that is proving difficult! So when I got sent these little beauties I was excited to see how my hair would get volume and texture. Creigtons VPro Volume Pro shampoo and conditioner are stated to add texture with the sea salt aspect of the product, thicken and condition the hair with wheat protein which is just what my hair needs being flat and thin!
The shampoo is thick and creamy, it is white in colour and lathers up well, my hair felt soft after rinsing. The shampoo smells sweet and promises to add volume, body and bounce. My favourite part of this shampoo is the luxurious feeling of the product, it feels expensive and gives you the feeling that it will make your hair glossy and that salon feeling.

The conditioner was the product that was not my "cup of tea" the consistency was like milk that has curdled, it had a pleasant sweet smell and did feel like it coated my hair well, but after drying my hair it did not feel like it had been conditioned.
After using these products my hair felt soft and conditioned, my hair did appear to have added volume on the ends but not particularly at my roots but I do have flat hair! 

Overall for 99p these are brilliant! I cant believe the price tags! The shampoo is my favourite which I would repurchase, the conditioners consistency put me off and wasn't the best conditioning experience I have had, I want my hair to be glossy and super soft after using a conditioner which I did not get.
Have you ever tried these?
To purchase these at just 99p!! Check out the Creightons Beauty website.
A xx


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