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Monday 14 April 2014

Positive thinking.....how to be happy and move on #1

Hi Loveys,
Here is a series I will start where I want to help readers move forward positively, whether its helping you with depression, low self esteem and confidence or a difficult breakup these tasks can help you move forward with a positive outlook. I do this within my work and have had successful outcomes.
This is a the first task to look at, it looks right back in your past from the earliest memory either positive or negative, I want you to sit down and think right back to your childhood. At the top of the sheet of paper right "Born" then a line to the left if the first memory is negative or to the right if the first memory is positive and note briefly what the memories are then continue the line up or down. Continue this right up to now, include all significant things, bullying at school, changes or difficulties at home and relationships. When you have finished you can email them to me and I can give you feedback and advice on what I see, or have a look at it yourself and you will be able to see a pattern, our past moulds us to who we are today, we all have behaviours that stem from somewhere, it could be a difficult home life, a person at school who put us down or an abusive relationship. When we see what could have started these we can look at how to tackle these to move on positively. I am not someone who will cure anything or stop the pain, but I can give you tasks to complete to help you start a journey. Follow this series to help with this, also as I said email me on alessiapace@hotmail.co.uk.
Look at your timeline and see whether there is a pattern, highlight the things that stand out as the most hurtful and things that are the most positive. Choose two negative events or people associated with these. With these two people write each a letter, DO NOT SEND IT TO THEM, write all your feelings that you wish you could express, these could be swear words, one simple sentence or an essay of emotions, let everything out on this task then get rid of it safely, some people rip it up, some people drown the paper in a bath and some burn it (safely). This is about the start of letting go of all the worries and emotions around these people and events.
Let me know how it goes and wait for task two.
A xx
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  1. Excellent info. here and thanks for doing this. It will be beneficial for a lot of people including me! :) Looking forward for more posts like this one!!! <3

    1. <3 that's no problem, hope it helps many xxx

  2. I don't know whether I'll email it you, but I might just do this timeline thing, just to kind of look at :) this kind of thing really interests me and I can totally imagine how much it would help...I kind of like seeing things on paper like that; I wrote down a big life experience of mine in a spontaneous blog post the other week, (called 'Life' if you fancy a read...*not meant to be a shameless plug there haha*) and even though it's a bit vague, getting out the words that were in my head somehow managed to help, a bit like closing a book.

    It's so nice that you're doing this Alessia, I hope it helps lots of people!!
    Holly Mixtures


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