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Saturday 21 October 2017

5 Halloween Outfit ideas! 

Halloween, a time to dress up and have fun! I never used to "celebrate" Halloween but since having children I do and now love it!! The best part of it has to be the makeup for me, it's such a good opportunity to be creative, so here are my top 5 Halloween outfit and makeup ideas. 

1. Mermaid 

The great thing about being a mermaid is it is so cheap and easy to create, don't worry about buying a whole outfit, focus on the makeup and add colour to your hair. My top tips are to buy super cheap fishnet tights pop it on your face and add shades of blue, purple and pink eyeshadow to the area where you have the fishnet on, add glitter which you can buy cheaply on eBay and finally spray your hair with a can of pink or blue spray. 

Here are some cheap mermaid inspired must haves I found 

                      Mermaid Glitter

                         Mermaid Bralet

Here's a fab tutorial on YouTube from Rhiannon Claire, click on the link below. 

                       Mermaid Tutorial

2. Halloween Deer 

This is such a great look for Halloween and really easy to create! Get a good base on the face and add liner to shape the eyes and nose. Create loose curls, pop on a crown of flowers and add leaves into the hair....boom! 

Here are a couple of crowns I found

                           Deer Headband

                        Deer Headband

Here is a great tutorial on YouTube from this fab Claudia Sulewski 


                          Deer Tutorial

3. Disney Princess

Think of any Disney Princess you love, so the makeup you do as your everyday makeup then to give it the Halloween twist add some fake blood under the eyes and there we go a quick and easy look. Pop on a wig and always make sure you check out eBay or Amazon for the princess outfits they have a great selection.

Here are some princess must have items i found. 

                 Snow White fright outfit

                      Evil Queen Outfit

Here's a simple tutorial from Nikki Tutorials

            Disney Princess Makeup Idea

4. Halloween Starlet 

Have a dress or outfit you love? Well pop that on and do this super easy zombie makeup for a quick Halloween look! What I love about this look is that you only use eyeshadows no need to worry about funky SFX techniques! 

Here are a couple of gorgeous dresses

                     Missguided Dress

                             ASOS Dress

Here's a tutorial from Frankie Dare

                   Easy Zombie Makeup

5. Vampire

I know what an obvious choice but what an easy choice too! You can create the makeup so easily and for the outfit all you need is black, so this can be a black dress, or jeans and a black top! Considering black lace is everywhere on the high street you could grab a really gorgeous outfit for this look. 

Here are some outfits I found online! 

                Pretty Little Thing Dress

                      Boohoo Jumpsuit

Here is a tutorial from Leyla Rose 

                    Halloween Vampire

              Which one is your favourite? 

                               A xx


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