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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Review: Yves Rocher

Hello beautiful readers,
Hope you are all well. I am so excited for christmas and trying to get all the finishing touches completed. Todays review is around a brand, Yves Rocher a french brand that brings glamour and great value. I was lucky enough to be sent these three products.
Yves Rocher Lipstick.
This moisturising lipstick is in the shade Rose Alba. This particular lipstick is quite sheer, it adds a subtle pink finish to the lips, in comparison with MAC finishes it is a frost finish. The lipstick is such a pretty colour, it left my lips moisturised but I did need to reapply frequently.
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Yves Rocher, Lipstick, MAC, Yves Rocher review, lipstick review, pink lipstick, swatch, blogger review, frost finish
Lipstick can be bought here.
Yves Rocher Flowerparty by night perfume.
I normally go for particular brands of perfume and never think to order from places like Yves Rocher especially when I cant smell the scents. I opened the box to find a cute flower top detail bottle, it looked expensive. It stated it was a "spicy night time version with an addictive liquorice accent". I sprayed this scent and I cant stress enough how beautiful this scent is, has now become one of  my favourite scents, it is long lasting  and such a gorgeous unusual scent. It is floral but sweet which is perfect, it has a subtle spicy note. I adore this and wear it everyday. Would highly recommend this.

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You can buy the perfume here. It is currently on offer for only £19.00.
Yves Rocher Mascara.
Yves Rocher waterproof mascara. This mascara is stating is is a "lash plumping" mascara, I have to admit I dont feel this mascara necessarily gives yours lashes an oomph, but it definately lengthens. I love the brush, it separates the lashes and defines each lower lash which is something I need for my lashes. It is waterproof and didnt budge when water was applied, yet is not hard to take off with eye makeup remover. I still think the Yves Rocher Sexy Pump mascara is my favourite.

You can buy the mascara here.
Have you tried any of the Yves Rocher range?
A xx

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