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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Christmas Inspiration: Decoration

Christmas is near.......

So here is deal guys, its nearly Christmas, literally its round the corner and I find each year it smacks me in the face and says "Oh Hey Im back!" First things first is Christmas decoration, I love it all and get so excited to dress the house so here are some inspiring pictures taken from google.com.

I love white teamed with green foliage and candle light, so pretty and effective for Christmas, reminds me of the sun glistening on the snow.

I always buy different decorations each christmas, nothing on my tree matches and I love that, so I have everything from vintage christmas tree decorations to christmas cushions which dont match but somehow work together really well. Each decoration reminds me of each year which has a story. 

There is something about a real Christmas tree that I cant get away from, to me its Christmas, the smell and excitement of purchasing one, as a child I loved this part of Christmas, I used to get sad as I thought all the trees had feelings and would be left outside, unloved whilst we took a special one home decorating it and singing Christmas songs. 

Christmas is a time of year for love and hope, wishes and dreams. Christmas can be a lovely time for families but we also need to remember those who don't have that unit, who don't have that feeling of love and hope. Lets never forget them and make sure we always give to charities and looking at helping out at a homeless shelter or your local soup run.

How do you have your Christmas tree? What is your favourite type of Christmas decoration?

A xx


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  1. I love decorating but I always take supplies and donations to the homeless shelter near me, but not just at christmas I do it once a week, it's really sad :( xxxx



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