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Saturday 21 June 2014

Positive Thinking.....how to be happy and move on #3

Hi Loveys!
So here is the third instalment to the positive thinking series. How did your hand activity go and have you made your positive box? Be great to know!
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Todays activity is a focus on your week, sometimes we can forget the things that make us smile and focus on the negative things as they take over how we feel and looking around that can be hard. What I want you to is draw a timetable Monday-Monday, with two sections under each day, one representing morning and one representing the afternoon, then place this on your fridge or by your kettle basically in a place you go to daily so you can see this regularly. So I want you to write a positive on each morning and afternoon section of your week, so looking at the smaller things such as the sun was out which made me smile, I had a lovely cup of tea, I saw a great film, My child gave me a cuddle etc, so looking at the smaller things in life that make us smile on a daily basis.
quote, life, positive thinking, confidence, self esteem
This task is one that works really well, then at the end of your week you can look at how many positives occurred rather then the focus going on the negative. When you have completed this add it to your positives box.
Now I want you to start a positives jar, you can get any jar you like and think of something you would love to save for, it could be an item of clothing, a chocolate bar, getting your hair done or a beauty item you are lusting over write that on the jar. Now, everytime you get a compliment I want you to say thank you to the person without any hesitation, repeat the compliment in your head and praise yourself by putting £ in your jar, this can be £0.20 to £10 a go however much you want to put it, then at the end of a month see how much you have and spend it on something for you as a well done. Accepting compliments can be so difficult and people react in various ways when complimented, a classic is saying with a nervous laugh "Oh no not at all, I just threw this together" or "You should go to specsavers" instead of these type of reactions smile and say thank you then reward yourself because in the words of Loreal "You are worth it".
A xx
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  1. This is a lovely idea, it would be nice to have all those positives to look back on if you're having a bit of a rubbish day!

    Catherine xx

    1. Exactly :) and it's something you can start at anytime xxx

  2. I totally agree if can be hard remembering all the positives and stop focusing on the bad things that have happened. These are such fab ideas to help put things into perspective :) x


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