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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Review: Karora Instant Tan

Hi Loveys!
Todays review is on the *Karora Instant Tan Wash Off which retails at £12.99. I am starting to become a fan of fake tan and was pleased to be able to discover a brand that was new to me. Karora have various different types of tanning products but I am testing out the wash off version, and to me wash off literally means it will wash off in an instance, here I am imagining orange drops running in the bath!
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I opened the bottle and squeezed a small amount on my arm, my golly gals be careful it is alarming at first as its so dark and when I was rubbing it in it didn't seem to sink in at all so just use a little! So off I trot to wash it off and start again this time using a smaller amount and found it rubbed in nicely, the product is shimmery so if you prefer a matte look I wouldn't recommend this.
The product smells just like chocolate! It contains "pure active botanicals" such as Grape extract, Chestnut extract and Argan oil, being an ingredient Karora loves to use. All these ingredients are great for your skin which help provide nourishment.
Karora, Self tan, fake tan, Karora review, Argan oil, Review, Instant tan, swatch, test
I did notice an instant tan but found it looked quite orange so it isn't a product I personally would buy again but can see why people would enjoy using it, its easy to use and does give an instant tan to the skin, it definitely left my skin feeling soft, another bonus with this product is how quickly it comes off, I popped in the shower and boom off it came instantly, but with this I would worry about being caught in the rain!
Karora, Self tan, fake tan, Karora review, Argan oil, Review, Instant tan, swatch, test

Karora Self Tan Test Swatches!

Above....before the tan was applied.
Below......after the tan was applied.
Below....my hand with the product on to show you the shimmer.
Have you tried this product or anything similar?

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  1. I have heard some girls use rubber gloves to minimize the bottom of the hands coloration!

  2. I'm loving fake tan at the moment too! My favourite is Cocoa Brown but I've never heard of this one and it looks great so may give it a try!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx

    1. Let me know your thoughts when you try it xxx

  3. I wish I could use fake tan, I'm just too pale and look silly! This sounds fab though!

    1. Ah, how about a gradual tan in a moisturiser? Xxx

  4. I like your honest review, its too orange for me too, xoxo.


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