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Sunday 2 February 2014

Topic For Discussion: You are Beautiful....no matter what they say.

Hey Loveys,
Todays post is one that I feel has to be said for all you ladies and gents, a post about the word beautiful.....
According to google search this is what is defined as beautiful,
adjective: beautiful
  1. 1.
    pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
    "beautiful poetry"
    attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, nice-looking, pleasing, alluring, prepossessing, as pretty as a picture;

    In the media and in society we see beauty as how someone appears, what they look like, how they dress, how they apply their makeup and style their hair. Beauty is the size you are, are you a pear shape or a petite? Just look at our magazine covers and tell me what you see, what is the message they are sending our way?
    Image from Google, so here we see a photoshop picture of Katy Perry looking very thin, clear skin and shiny hair, with the left side of the cover telling us we can lose 5 pounds with a healthy detox, this is all I seem to see on so many magazines, the words "detox", "diet", "lose weight" "get flawless skin and hair", but what is flawless? why should we feel like we have to constantly do these things? Are we not just perfect the way each and everyone of us are? 

    Image from Google, a very thin, clear skin, no cellulite Rosie Huntington! How did that make me feel when I saw this? Crap to be honest! Then on the cover it says its the body issue, where they have "3 top fat busters", the "5 best bootcamps" and "3 diet swaps", no pressure then!
    The media shows us to look a certain way, what would it be like if every celebrity or model were not photoshopped to look slimmer or appear with the clearest skin? When I see those pictures or music videos of women wearing next to nothing strutting around I feel utterly crap about myself, and instantly the pressure starts....I need to lose weight, I need to have thicker longer hair, I need to wear fake lashes to look like them, I need to try and get rid of the cellulite, all these things are unrealistic as no matter what you do you will never look like a photoshopped celeb as they don't look like that either!
    If you want to lose weight and tone up you go for it, you can do those things and achieve whatever goals you want because you need to feel comfortable in your own skin, the only thing I would stress is don't try to be someone else, because you are unique and beautiful because you are you. To me the person within the body is more beautiful then anything, a beautiful personality shines out to show beauty on the outside, you can have a Miss World who is apparently beautiful but get to the know that person and they can be the ugliest person you know, because beauty is skin deep.
    Age is another factor that the media seem to hang onto, they always say "how beautiful does (insert an older celebs name) look at 50!" yes great I say but then you find out how much plastic surgery they have had and then women of a similar age feel pressured to look younger, to be wrinkle free as that is what the media shows as beautiful at that age! Its not fair, I am not against plastic surgery, if that's what you want go for it, but don't do it because you feel you need to so you look a way the media makes you feel you should look, growing older a natural way is beautiful, that's why I particularly love Gok Wan as he never tries to change how a person looks in terms of weight or how their teeth look, he uses the beauty they already have and just enhances it.
    Maybe I am having a rant that others will not agree with, but I honestly want you all to realise that no matter what you are beautiful! And always remember that these celebs have personal trainers, makeup artist, hairstylists and photoshop assistants on tap! Imagine how they would look without all that?
    What are your thoughts?
    A xx


  1. Great post! Agree with you completely! It's so easy to get sucked in by the media and forget that all these celebrities have an army of people to make them look good, then get photoshopped as well. I hate it when the media refer to thinner people not having curves as well, it's like you have to have curves to be beautiful! Oops feel a rant coming on haha xx

    1. Hahahah it's easy to rant on this topic, I had to restrain myself with this post!
      Yea I know what you mean, you can't have a stomach but must have an ass xxxx

  2. Amazing post, I agree 100%. I don`t like the fact that these magazines presume that women`s ultimate goal is to look plastic perfect. Some of us are happy in our own imperfect skin..However, I think the most affected by this issue are young people. I was shocked when I read a study that said that almost 60% of girls between 13-18 were or are at a diet.

    1. It's so sad :( the pressures on young people today is just horrifying especially with the social media platforms and people constantly rating everyone's photos etc xxx

  3. I like what you say about beauty. It is an individual thing but everybody has it, agree! xx

    1. I just feel beauty is something each person has xxxx

  4. I like what you say about beauty. It is an individual thing but everybody has it, agree! xx


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