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Friday 3 January 2014

Ebay Finds #9

Happy New Year!!
I firstly want to apologise for my lack of posts, I am waiting for a laptop and have been unwell. Christmas wasn't as good as I hoped for as had tonsillitis, but its now 2014 so time to get going with the new year.
So my first post of the new year is.........Ebay finds!!
This is such a cute top!! I think this would look great in the spring time!
A little spring theme is going on here as this is such a cute little pastel jacket!
I love this Eiffel Tower scarf! Such pretty shades of grey, white and pink!
Such a lovely coat with a pretty polka dot lining.
Love this bag, good amount of space for all my bits and pieces and a beautiful structured look! Reminds me of a Doctors bag.
What is your favourite item?
A xx


  1. aw, I hope you're much better now. Great post, you found some real bargains! x

  2. LOVE that jacket in Pink, may have to have a cheeky purchase! Great finds :)

    Beth (http://dreamcatcher-beauty.blogspot.co.uk/)

    1. Thanks hun! I love the jacket too, so tempting xx


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