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Thursday 3 May 2012

Two more weeks to go then im on maternity! phew! finally! Living room is nearly painted and then the best bits can start! We had my partners grandads old rocking chair given to us which my mama is painting...cant wait to see it when its finished! That will be done along with two old hanging wall shelves......one for the babies room and one for the bathroom upstairs. Im so looking forward to adding the final touches to the house and for it to get a good clean! Then we can relax before baby comes! hopefully! So ive been looking again at inspiration and found some pictures that inspired.....

What a beautiful room!

A sweet collection of old bottles filled with a wild flower...effective yet effortless.

Love the colours...imagine having that door!!

Cant get enough of vintage china!

I love dressers where you can be creative and place beautiful objects, fabrics, pictures however you want...then when you want a change you can start over again with more of your favourite finds.

Hope you are all well.....A x

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